GST News & Updates || GSTN launches e-Invoice Registration Services with Private IRPs

In another step towards further digitization of the business process flow, GSTN has launched e-Invoice Registration Services through multiple private IRPs at the Recommendation of the GST Council.

Four Private Companies viz. Cygnet Tax Tech, ClearTax, Ernst & Youngand IRIS Business Limited were empaneled by GSTN for providing these e-Invoice Registration Services to all GST taxpayers of the country. The details of the existing and new IPRs are available at

The Taxpayers now have a choice of more than one IRP (earlier being the only single portal of NIC), which they can use to Register their e-Invoices. This adds significant capacity and redundancy to the single e-Invoice Registration portal which existed earlier.

The end-to-end flow of a digitally signed e-Invoice between Sellers and Buyers by integration with the GST system will lead to ease of compliance for the Taxpayers. It will also lead to the facilitation of auto-drafting and auto-populating of Invoice details in the GST Returns which would lead to increased accuracy, the correctness of reporting of Supplies & availing of ITC by the Recipients of the Supply.

The Advisory can be accessed at Click Here

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